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Sleepless Nights…
Counting sheep not working? Tossing and turning? Your brain won’t tune down? Lack of sleep can often be the result from lack of sufficient exercise alone. The body needs an outlet and is meant to be physically used throughout the day. If this is not the case, then it can
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Swollen Sore Ankles – Suffering from Oedema
With today’s diet (food lacking in nutrients due to the fast-food and ‘easy packaged’ availability) and drinks high in sugar content, not to mention lack of regular and functional exercise, many people end up retaining fluids. Being on your feet all day can cause fluid retention around the ankles and
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L-o-n-g Covid
What is Long Covid? Many people who have had covid may recover very quickly and have no side effects that they are aware of. Many however, ARE experiencing ongoing symptoms that due to constant media coverage may be starting to concern them. Have you ever had flu before? Did you
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Abuse of Trust
This happens more often than it ever should. Perhaps not so surprisingly by someone that is either a trusted friend of the family or someone you would never consider to be guilty of actions such as abuse, especially sexual abuse. Children, the most likely to experience this type of abuse,
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Bully… or Bullied?
Abuse by another name… I’ve always hated the thought of bullying, still do, but after an interesting conversation with a recent client it made me think.  I’ve been on the receiving end of mental and emotional abuse, which in some ways is more difficult to deal with than physical abuse. 
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Fight Illness with Mineral Therapy
According to Dr W.H. Scheussler, M.D. “to supply deficiencies, this is the only law of cure.” Mineral supplements referred to here are all NATURAL to the body and will not interfere with any other medications. First stage of illness – Ferrum Phosphate (Ferr.Phos)NO.3 Iron phosphate colours the blood red and
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