If anyone is having side effects from one of the COVID ‘vaccines’ and is seeking some answers on how to recover from this, my strong recommendation to you is to arrange an appointment for a [Pandemic Support] session with Susan so that she can ask your body what it needs to recover from these and bring your body back to a state where it can heal itself.

After receiving the first two doses of the Pfizer (injections against my wishes, but mandated due to working in the public health system otherwise I would lose my job), I started to get quite sharp neuropathic pain in my hands and feet, along with tiredness, brain fog and a general sense of not feeling right within myself.

Thanks to Susan, a session Pandemic Support has helped the neuropathic pain disappear and the levels of tiredness and brain fog lift somewhat.

However, it was after I received my third dose (booster – also mandated) of the Pfizer that some of these symptoms exacerbated and became extremely debilitating.  The impact of this started within a couple of hours of receiving the booster shot with a wave of tiredness, the level of which I had not ever felt before.  The level of tiredness steadily worsened, as I was unable to sleep properly with constant waking.  This in turn impacted on me further by exacerbating brain fog, lack of concentration and motivation.  By the end of that week [I was so exhausted] it felt like I was dragging a concrete block around behind me, the brain fog was so absolute it was extremely difficult to concentrate or motivate myself to do my job, and it was a mammoth effort just to get out of bed to tackle the day.  I had never felt worse in my entire life!!

Thankfully I had arranged a follow up session with Susan for a week after the booster dose.

After my session, the immediate lift in energy was amazing. I had the first full night’s sleep in what felt like forever and the amount of energy when I woke the next morning was unbelievable!!  The brain fog had lifted, and my concentration was back in full.  Motivation was at an all-time high and work, although extremely busy, felt like it was easy and flowed well, probably due to the improved brain clarity.

What truly tested this was that the weekend after my session I worked an extremely long day at a polling booth for the State Election from 7.00am to 11.00pm, after having worked in my regular full-time job that week.  I truly did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised that I coped extremely well with this, and my energy levels were the same throughout the entire day, despite not having many breaks throughout the long day.

A couple of weeks down the track I am pleased to report that my energy levels are still good, I am still sleeping well and the brain fog has not returned.

I am so grateful to Susan for the time and care she has shown me in my search for a solution to the debilitating effects of this nasty injection.

Cheryl G

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