I came to Brilliant Living Solutions in February 2008. I am in my 70s and have to use a walking frame due to circulation and muscle deterioration problems. At my first visit I was unable to walk very far due to massive fluid retention throughout my body, but especially in my legs and arms. The weight of the fluid made it impossible to raise my arms above shoulder height and it was very difficult to walk. Turning over in bed was also extremely difficult.

After the very first treatment, I was able to raise my arms fully above my head. I was so amazed I burst into tears as I had not been able to do that for many years. It felt so wonderful. I was also able to stand straight and walk more easily.

Later I was treated for fluid retention and it wasn’t long before I had to literally purchase new clothes as the old clothes were now so loose they were falling off me. I lost so much ‘weight’ with the fluid, that walking is much easier; turning over in bed is done with virtual ease. Even my doctor was amazed at the changes in me since I’ve been receiving Bowen on a regular basis.

Due to my condition (previous operation damaged lymph nodes) I will always retain fluid, but with the help of Bowen, and thanks to their suggestions for exercise, better diet and added nutritional support, I have my life back on track and see possibilities for continued improvement more than I ever thought possible, before I came to Susan and Steve’s clinic.

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