New Client Information

We so look forward to meeting you for your first session with us

You’ve made the most important decision and taken the first step to better health. It was YOUR decision to do something for yourself and we are here to make sure you get positive results within our fullest capacity to do so. We will provide you with an understanding of what the therapy entails and what to expect; and encourage you to ask any questions you might have.

Your First Appointment

At your first appointment you can provide us with some information on your health and history – whatever you are willing and able to share.

If you are booked for Bowen Therapy, it would be useful to know not just about your injury or pain situation, but what happened to cause it, how long you’ve experienced it and what you might have tried to address it yourself (including any other therapies you might have tried).

If you are booked for Neuro-Training Kinesiology (NTK), then your main reasons for wanting change, in what areas and again, history about yourself. As much or as little as you are able to share comfortably. If you have been abused, then you will NOT have to go over that in any detail, just the knowledge that it has happened and perhaps at what stage of your life it took place (but not even that if you can’t and don’t want to share that). Your first appointment is dedicated to listening to you and what you have to say, with maybe a few questions when required, to expand on certain areas.

Regardless of your therapy, we advocate you wear comfortable clothing and preferably light stretchy cotton (not lycra or jeans or a hard cotton shirt for instance). If coming straight from work, it would be good to bring comfy clothes to change into (and preferably not a dress for your ‘modesty’s’ sake).

Prior To and At Your Session

You will be sent a reminder the day before your appointment and you will be asked to confirm that you are able to attend. It will be expected that you will arrive on time. In all cases you will be greeted at the door and requested to go into the bathroom to wash your hands. Personal towelettes are provided (much like in any good hotel) to dry your hands and left in the basket on the left-hand side of the sink. You can change into your comfy clothes then if you wish. Then straight into the clinic for the beginning of your enjoyable first session.

On Completion

At the end of your visit, there will be a short conversation to see how you are feeling and to provide you with information on ‘what to expect’ (don’t worry it’s all good). Once payment is made an offer or suggestion in order to make a further appointment and explanation on why it might be needed. We respect your choice to make a further appointment and will have explained all along what we have been doing and therefore you will understand if and why a further time might be beneficial to you. It is still your decision to do so or not.

Options To Pay

You will be expected to pay at (or before if you choose) your scheduled time in full. You can choose between paying cash (our preference), or using EFT if you know you bank details, or use a card to pay (although this will attract a small fee for doing so). We also prefer for you not to pay part one option and part in another option.


We look forward to seeing you at our 1st appointment together.  To help us prepare and setup your client file, please take 5 minutes to complete the form below.

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