I tried Bowen for the first time in Jan 2012 as I had suffered from severely aching legs and sciatica since about the age of 11. After many tests and NO results, the doctors seemed to conclude it was ‘all in my head’ – in other words they were unable to help.

My legs had always been a problem and having a car accident at about 13 didn’t help (ran over my legs). The pain was constant and the only way I could sleep at night was to put my legs up against the wall for 30-40 mins, which would provide some relief (allowing about an hour’s sleep), before I would have to go through the routine again. Not much sleep for years really.

Bowen helped to some degree (certainly with the sciatica), but it wasn’t until I was put onto minerals in January 2013 that I noticed a marked improvement. It was slow at first and I was reassured that if I stuck with it, it should help improve my aching legs and therefore my ability to sleep. Since taking the minerals I’ve noticed improvement in things I didn’t expect. My eczema improved and I no longer bite my nails.

More importantly, as the muscle pain receded my sleeping improved. Within twelve months I was sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night. I no longer had to put my legs up against the wall and pain medication is now seldom required. I can leave off the minerals for longer periods, so I can now see the future being consistently pain free, with quality sleep. The minerals will always be there if needed, but I will no longer be reliant on them like I have been on the drugs.


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