Pandemic Support


Each of us has a unique story to tell. What's yours?

Most of those stories will be traumatic as a lot has happened over the two years when the pandemic hit the world. Many will contain a high level of Fear, Trauma, Sadness and Grief. You’d be hard-pressed to not have some of those experiences, even if not just constant worry or stress. If there are issues that are pulling at your mind or emotions due to what your experience has been, you can be given help and support to get yourself back on track.

If you have been mandated to get injected, or chose to do so, you may be aware of your body feeling different and ‘not quite right’. Even if you are only mixing with people who have been injected, you may also be aware of changes having occurred. You may have concerns either way and especially about being vulnerable to sickness. But help is DEFINITELY at hand in our clinic.


Hope however, should never, ever be lost. There are things that can and do help enormously. Focusing on your immune system is vital along with a balanced diet (hmm … what IS that anyway? Everyone is so different), regular exercise, good solid nights of sleep and of course not letting stress get the better of you. Easy for some to say I know, but here’s where we at Brilliant Living can help with much of this in a ‘one stop shop’.

Let’s look at your immune and auto-immune systems. At Brilliant Living Solutions we can provide what you might refer to as a ‘tune-up’ – very similar to getting a service for your car or truck.

  1. First, checking that all your systems are functioning as they should (Immune and Auto Immune of course, but also Respiratory, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Blood chemistry, Toxins, Poisons and the one most often affected today is the Electromagnetic system, to name just a few things that we check – 23 checks), reconnecting them throughout the body and making sure they are in balance and running smoothly together as they should. Especially important if you have had injections and are not feeling quite right since. Your various systems need to work together as a whole and recognition and proper interaction between them is vital for a healthy body and mind.

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  1. Working out what supplements (that have been identified by experts around the world as beneficial in today’s scenario) and are just right for your needs (let’s face it, today we could all benefit from something other than foods which are often depleted from natural goodness if they’re not home grown). Nutrition involves more than eating three meals a day, or just relying on ‘good’ food, or randomly taking supplements that can conflict with others, or worse induce deficiencies if they are not balanced correctly to YOUR needs.


Fear has been a constant companion for anyone who watches or listens to mainstream media. The endless bombardment of frightening information, whether it has been accurate or not has been dramatized for the sake of it most of the time. Being told you must take certain physical actions, which coupled with the attached strong emotions, quickly creates fears that may be totally unfounded, but beyond your control. You have been frightened into taking those steps to comply with the created expectations and responsibilities to protect yourself and your loved ones, if not the community at large. This has made you mentally wary and with the physical demands, has quickly formed habits that will be difficult to move away from. It has placed HUGE accountabilities on every single person’s shoulder like it or not. When the mind and the emotions are entwined with the physical expectations, it also creates beliefs that sink deep into your subconscious that may not be helpful and in fact can now be steering you wrongly. You believe you MUST behave in a certain way to stay safe and to protect those you love, for instance. For some people this has moved beyond the rational and logical. They have stopped questioning and are living behind a thick curtain of fear.
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Trauma has affected everyone in one way or another. Some have lost loved ones (especially those in nursing homes or hospitals) and not been allowed to be with them at the very time when it is needed the most. The time when they have been at their most vulnerable; the time of most confusion for some; and at the time of loss. The sadness cannot be measured. The Grief is still ongoing for many.


Grief can come from other quarters besides losing a relative or friend, but from the loss of lifestyle (work that you thought was stable and ongoing; income that you depended on to keep you and your family safe and protected; your health that has taken a setback or been challenged, sometimes simply due to isolation and lack of sharing family and friends – that has been rudely denied to all of us; habits that have been forced upon us that don’t sit comfortably and causing some to turn to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of loneliness and despair). Grief can come about from losing many, many things in your life and is just as real and difficult if not seemingly impossible to deal with.

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Long Covid

Whether you have had an illness or not. Are injected, or not. If you are not feeling ‘quite right’ or developed issues that you didn’t have before and are concerned for your wellbeing, then this could provide not only peace of mind, but literally a healthier mind and body to cope with the stresses that are still being placed on you daily.

Yes, things seem to be improving around the world, but looking after yourself, so you can look after your family, has never been more important than it is today.

If you have had any injections, you might ask “will it ever get out of our systems, can we get rid of it?” New information is available that you CAN optimize your health against having the hyper immune reactions or experience Long Covid that are occurring for many people.

So, taking action in the health aspects as detailed above will provide a strong level of protection. This is what we have available to you and your family and friends.

How do we achieve this with accuracy and confidence?

We have some very useful tools at our disposal. One of those is using Kinesiology which has been clinically examined and found to be extremely accurate. Basically, a verification tool showing a change in muscle response that provides accurate feedback from your nervous system. This is not a conscious response. The change in response of a client’s monitored muscle is subconscious (no magic or mystery here) to find out what YOU need – so there’s no guess work on the part of the practitioner. Kinesiology verifies what is going on within you and your subconscious and utilised to find out what you need to get better (physically, emotionally and in your thinking).

The other ‘tool’ is Neuro-Training (how we think and behave is based within neuroscience including the integration of many modalities that have existed for decades or even centuries). Neuro-Training ‘re-conditions’ how you view your life experience, removing perceptions that are inaccurate and overly defensive. It also re-trains the patterns of how you think and behave and allows you to move beyond your challenges and towards your goals. Using the feedback from your own muscles allows us to get to the CAUSE behind all the symptoms you are experiencing.

Different applications of Neuro-Training encourage you and your Nervous System to function better generally. We use specific checking processes via Kinesiology, to find the best option for you. You will begin to gain clarity, maybe for the first time in years. Your emotional space will broaden and of course your physical health will improve. Neuro-Training is now an entity that can be utilized by people in all areas of life. Really it’s quite simple, logical, straightforward and effective and can be amazingly swift.

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FAQ's About Pandemic Support

Allow an hour, but it may take longer if your many systems not quite functioning together efficiently.  Especially if you have received several of the Covid19 injections. This tends to confuse your innate immune systems and takes a while to get them functioning together again.

If you have had no injections, then only one session and another in about 6 months’ time to confirm whatever supplements have been verified for you.  If you have been injected, then it’s wise to have more sessions depending on where you are up to with the series that has been ‘recommended’ at the moment.  Also, to confirm that the various supplements are still the correct type and dose as your systems start to function better and support your immunity better.  This is important especially for those people who are feeling out of sorts since receiving one or more of the injections.  The more injections you have the more important it can be.

As a qualified Mineral Therapist, I can only supply those that apply to my qualifications.  Others will be up to you to access, but suggestions of where these can be obtained will be offered.  If you are already taking supplements, these can be tested to determine if they are suited to your constitution and needs, plus if the dose is adequate – so bring along any that you already have.  It is pointless and expensive if they do not suit you and are not effective or being absorbed properly or are causing your body stress – this is only to your personal benefit as being carefully checked helps you make a more suitable decision about replacement if required.

Service Information

All consultations are conducted in a professional and non-judgemental manner respecting client confidentiality. Depending on your injection history will determine how many and what type of session will be required. This is described in more detail in the FAQs. If you are ONLY wanting the Pandemic Support with no additional help with the trauma and stress created over the last two years, then probably up to 4 sessions may be needed. Your body responses will dictate this, and it will always be your decision.

Initial Consultation

Can be up to 1.5hrs – $150

  • We take a medical history, noting any past emotional trauma you are ready to include
  • Then we discuss what it is you are wanting, specific to injections or we may discuss other changes you also want to make related to stress, anxiety, etc.
  • You will remain fully clothed and comfortable lying on a massage table (seated or standing if needed)
  • Neuro-Training is a tactile (touch) therapy
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or approved guardian

Further Sessions

May be between 1 to 1.5hrs – $120 (If further time is needed to complete a process you will have the option to continue for a further $50 if you wish)

  • We are complex beings and depending on your injection ‘load’ 1-4 specific sessions may be required
  • If you decide you want to address the trauma & stress created by the initial early years of covid, then further session would be applicable
  • You can choose to make regular appointments for a while or whenever you feel the need

Session Times

Tuesday and Thursdays with the last appointment starting no later than 5-5.30pm
Saturday mornings when available (10-11am start time)

Pandemic Support Helps With

Low Confidence

Client Journeys

Relief after Double Injections

Relief after Double Injections

A young woman 31 years old had been required to have the two stipulated injections to continue with her employment. She came to us as she was feeling out of sorts and didn’t quite know what was wrong.

"I am amazed, prior to seeing you Wednesday, I was feeling so far from my usual motivated, ‘able-to-take-things-on’ self. Since I saw you on Wednesday, my anxiety has gone (my heart doesn’t feel like it wants to jump through my chest) and I feel better going to sleep and staying asleep. My husband commented yesterday that I seem a lot calmer. Thank you so much; to not have the constant feeling of anxiety is just so nice."

Al G
Following a Booster Shot

Following a Booster Shot

If anyone is having side effects from one of the COVID ‘vaccines’ and is seeking some answers on how to recover from this, my strong recommendation to you is to arrange an appointment for a [Pandemic Support] session with Susan so that she can ask your body what it needs to recover from these and bring your body back to a state where it can heal itself.

After receiving the first two doses of the Pfizer (injections against my wishes, but mandated due to working in the public health system otherwise I would lose my job), I started to get quite sharp neuropathic pain in my hands and feet, along with tiredness, brain fog and a general sense of not feeling right within myself.

Thanks to Susan, a session Pandemic Support has helped the neuropathic pain disappear and the levels of tiredness and brain fog lift somewhat.

However, it was after I received my third dose (booster - also mandated) of the Pfizer that some of these symptoms exacerbated and became extremely debilitating.  The impact of this started within a couple of hours of receiving the booster shot with a wave of tiredness, the level of which I had not ever felt before.  The level of tiredness steadily worsened, as I was unable to sleep properly with constant waking.  This in turn impacted on me further by exacerbating brain fog, lack of concentration and motivation.  By the end of that week [I was so exhausted] it felt like I was dragging a concrete block around behind me, the brain fog was so absolute it was extremely difficult to concentrate or motivate myself to do my job, and it was a mammoth effort just to get out of bed to tackle the day.  I had never felt worse in my entire life!!

Thankfully I had arranged a follow up session with Susan for a week after the booster dose.

After my session, the immediate lift in energy was amazing. I had the first full night’s sleep in what felt like forever and the amount of energy when I woke the next morning was unbelievable!!  The brain fog had lifted, and my concentration was back in full.  Motivation was at an all-time high and work, although extremely busy, felt like it was easy and flowed well, probably due to the improved brain clarity.

What truly tested this was that the weekend after my session I worked an extremely long day at a polling booth for the State Election from 7.00am to 11.00pm, after having worked in my regular full-time job that week.  I truly did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised that I coped extremely well with this, and my energy levels were the same throughout the entire day, despite not having many breaks throughout the long day.

A couple of weeks down the track I am pleased to report that my energy levels are still good, I am still sleeping well and the brain fog has not returned.

I am so grateful to Susan for the time and care she has shown me in my search for a solution to the debilitating effects of this nasty injection.

Cheryl G