A lady in her late 50s was suffering with stress and the pressures of work that turned out to be largely self-imposed. She works in the child care industry and was responsible for managing just under 30 child care workers and other managers besides.

Her focus was to be on her stress, but during the treatment where sometimes as the Neuro-Trainer I need to find the particular emotion that is causing stress for the person, I was surprised to discover that the emotion was ‘enthusiasm’. I would have thought that this particular emotion was a positive emotion, not negative or stressful at all. But as with all Neuro-Training sessions, it is not up to the facilitator to make judgement on what they believe is the issue, it is ALWAYS determined by the client themselves. That is how the kinesiology side works so well as a tool to discover the body’s response to stress and what is really driving the issue.

When questioned about the emotion ‘enthusiasm’ she was clear that she fully understood why this would have shown as a stress for her. Each morning on walking in the door, she believed she had to show enthusiasm in order to motivate all her staff towards a good days work with the children. This had become such a chore for her that it was causing her stress, but she could see no way out of this behaviour. She was stuck.

Following a balance (with this as the focus), she reported back to me a few weeks later how free she felt as she no longer felt it necessary to put on the forced enthusiasm. She also noted how very calm she felt, how she now didn’t feel a need to check on her staff all the time and could work out her priorities for her work so much better. She mentioned several times, just how calm she now felt throughout the day and how much smoother things seemed to be working. This demonstrates how sometimes we have done something that may have been a helpful thing in the beginning, and as a consequence developed into a habit that is now causing you stress and may not even be necessary at all anymore.

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