Calm and Sleep

Just wanted to let you know I am feeling amazing again after seeing you! Balanced, calm and centred. Sleeping well. As always, thank you for what you do, eternally grateful to have you in my world.

Fear of Heights Aced

I have been meaning to touch base with you seeing as I faced a height challenge last week and aced it. I did the tree climb in the parklands and did all the challenges with ease. I felt so accomplished and empowered after I finished, it was such a great
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My thinking is clearer

Before, I couldn’t bear to work past 5pm I was so stressed. Now I’m able to stay at work longer and achieve so much more. My thinking is clearer, I’m more efficient and productive. SW

A massive weight has lifted

Since I saw you on Thursday, I feel a massive weight has lifted; my constant battle with beating the clock has subsided/gone! I cannot believe it. “Thank you” does not and will not ever extend far enough.

Astounding Anxiety Results

I knew that I could trust you and came along to my appointment with an open mind and was prepared for change; I needed change. Little did I know or like to admit I needed some help. I left my first appointment still somewhat uncertain that such a non-invasive treatment
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Energy and Creativity Restored

There probably is some work to be done with regards my sleep! I would say it’s better than its been however! Over all, I have been really good, I’ve had more energy and have seen my creative side coming out which is nice as I’ve always seen myself as not
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Amazing Anxiety Results

I thought I’d let you know how I’m going – I am doing really well I am amazed in the way I’m feeling. I feel calm, more relaxed, less stressed and don’t get overwhelmed by little things like mess. The big change was yesterday I asked my Dad if he
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My grief has become healing

1. I have just got home from my weekend with family saying farewell to my Grandma. Thank you so much for what you did for me on Wednesday, I was able to approach the weekend feeling calm and grounded. I encouraged my family to share their memories of Grandma and
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My fear of flying has disappeared

I have seen Brilliant Living Solutions about 4 times with Neuro-Training which has completely transformed my life. I had a huge fear of flying (having panic attacks) and this (therapy) has made that all disappear. I found myself being uptight and anxious in day to day duties but this has
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