Counting sheep not working?
Tossing and turning?
Your brain won’t tune down?

Lack of sleep can often be the result from lack of sufficient exercise alone. The body needs an outlet and is meant to be physically used throughout the day. If this is not the case, then it can be any number of things. So, the quest would be to determine the CAUSE behind the sleeplessness.

This can be dissatisfaction with the life you are living, causing restlessness. Some emotional issues that are disturbing you on a subconscious level or mentally your mind just can’t stop going over things or stresses of the day. It could be a deficiency of a mineral or two, especially if your diet is lacking in variety of whole natural foods eaten both cooked and raw (salads).

Or a combination of these things. Sometimes this can be complicated or straightforward, but often you’ve tried lots of different things without achieving the results you need. Without proper and sufficient sleep, we begin to ‘break down’ and experience all sorts of things going wrong and our mood and ability to cope is the first things to be diminished.

Either way it is time to start the investigation, and this is where Neuro-Training Kinesiology comes into its own. Using the extremely reliable tool of Kinesiology where muscle testing (your own responses), provides the practitioner with clear indications to follow the path to the cause.

Whether this is a mental (can’t stop over-thinking, for example), emotional (upsets caused by some event or person, etc.), or physical (is it a mineral deficiency or something similar?), for instance, and then further exploration to find out exactly what you and your body needs to address the issue. Reducing the stress, replacing what is deficient or providing an answer to lead you in the right direction, is a fairly straightforward and painless process.

It’s solvable and that’s the main thing to remember.

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