What is Long Covid?

Many people who have had covid may recover very quickly and have no side effects that they are aware of. Many however, ARE experiencing ongoing symptoms that due to constant media coverage may be starting to concern them. Have you ever had flu before? Did you find that sometimes it was weeks before you started to ‘get your mojo’ back? Weeks that you experienced a number of things that made you feel lethargic, dragging yourself around, no energy, and not sleeping well, among other things.

This is being called ‘long COVID’, or ‘post COVID-19 condition’. A person is usually considered to have long COVID if their symptoms have persisted for longer than 4 weeks after their initial infection. These symptoms can include:

  • shortness of breath
  • cough
  • extreme fatigue/exhaustion or just tired beyond belief
  • concentration/memory issues
  • changes in mood – anxiety, depression, stress, feelings of guilt
  • loss of smell or taste
  • headache
  • sleep issues
  • heart pounding/palpitations/racing heart/chest pain
  • skin rashes (itching)
  • muscle aches and joint pains

First Things First…

The first step is to make sure that all your various systems are fully operational AND are communicating with each other. It’s no good having your immune system working fine, but your blood chemistry not working as it should, certainly not if your electromagnetic system (nerves/energy) is out of whack as well. So, we need to get them ALL checked and responding correctly to each other as they should be doing. We will also check out exactly what supplements you are deficient in and what is needed to suit your constitution. However, any type of flu or cold (Virus or Bacteria) demands various minerals to enable the body to fight the good fight required to counteract the imbalance of those nasties invading your body and any hyper immune reactions or long covid as it is being called.

Why This Happens to Your Body

Your body is actually a finely tuned fighting machine. It has many things at its disposal to call upon when needed. Firstly, it is constantly provided with oxygen via red blood cells and breathing. The oxygen attaches to the red blood cells and by travelling throughout the body, provides ‘ammunition’ to help fight the bacteria/virus whose numbers have increased beyond the norm. If you become short on enough oxygen, your circulation speeds up in order to get enough oxygen to the right places (causing increased heat from rapid movement… or as you know it, fever). Providing Ferrum Phosphate (No.3), delivers the necessary iron to carry more oxygen that is desperately required for the body to fight. As a first stage remedy for fever or inflammation, it reduces the SEVERITY, INTENSITY and DURATION.

The body also has a certain amount of Potassium Chloride (No.4) – a mineral that is essential in helping to fight this battle, especially in detoxifying as it binds with the toxins in order to neutralise them. No.4 is very quickly ‘used up’ though, as once bound to the toxins, it is flushed from the system via excretion, so then falls into deficiency. Having a deficiency right when you need it, is like losing your army of soldiers at the point when the enemy is invading – literally! They will over-run your whole system very quickly and a fever and ill health take over – you feel like crap! Worse, you have nothing to fight back with. By providing these two minerals AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at the onset of feeling ‘unwell’ will immediately start strengthening the immune system and help towards maintaining health. Balance! Oxygen and oxidisation followed by excretion from the body, removes the stuff that bacteria may thrive on, thus REDUCING the incidence of illness from bacterial or viral infection. A white coating on your tongue, mucous lining or tonsils, discharges of a thick, white slime, or phlegm is indicative of a deficiency in Potassium Chloride and oxygen.

If you’ve become unwell and start to feel symptoms of chilliness, heaviness and weariness, palpitations of the heart, anxiety, sadness, headaches and pains in the limbs, introducing Potassium Sulphate (No.6) at this point will further support the excretion as part of the detoxifying process. This will reduce muscle ache, spasms, heavy/weak limbs and also in some cases, dizziness and apathy. One sign of a deficiency is the reappearance of signs and symptoms in the evening so taken then can have profound healing effects. (So, take ‘5 after 5’(pm) and you’ll be amazed how much better you feel!) The body has greater demand for Potassium Sulphate from late afternoon until midnight. An insufficiency prevents waste material from being excreted and slows or stops the detoxifying process. So can lead to feelings of tightness and constriction of the chest, itching and rheumatic aches (which can appear to ‘move’ around the body).

Have you recognised many of the items listed at the beginning of this article yet?

You think you are over it, as many signs disappear, but you become aware that some symptoms seem to be unending, and you just can’t get past them. You may recognise a lack of concentration, brain fatigue, irritability, anxiety, palpitations, lowered vitality, muscular weakness and fatigue. So, so tired, but unable to sleep and maybe at this point, itching sensations to the palms and soles of the feet… or not! Potassium Phosphate (No.5) is the single most important mineral inside the cell. It controls the production of metabolic enzymes, and brain cells have a special need for this mineral. It also has an antiseptic role as it prevents the toxins produced by degeneration and fatigue becoming excessive.

Taking the above 4 minerals at the right time, in the right amount and getting sufficient of them right from the start and the whole illness will be over in a record amount of time. You are very unlikely to be left with the signs and symptoms of long covid and can get back to living life and feeling great. Always be aware that a diet containing natural foods (not fast foods) in a well-balanced meal plan (regular meals are important when recuperating) and PLENTY of fresh clean water in abundance, coupled with moderate exercise, will ensure you recover quickly and sleep deeply and well. For more information and assistance with any of this, please read the other pages of this website, or contact the clinic for assistance and support. We are there to champion you with whatever is necessary to get you back to health again.

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